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The BodyWise Clinic
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Our vision at,set in the heart of Dublin, is to deliver the highest accessible quality and professional standard of care, utilizing the latest mind coaching and therapeutic techniques, to promote personal growth and positive mental health, with the core values of non-judgement and confidentiality for every client.

 "My mission is to fix your problem as soon as possible".

 "If you want a passionate, enthused and motivated approach, then we should talk".

"I only work with people that are determined to fix their problem".

"Yes. I am proud not to be cheap. My reputation commands premium fees".

"You are probably already beginning to notice that I work fast to help solve your problem".

Here are just some of the most common issues we deal with on a regular basis that can be resolved using our TMCT (Total Mind Coaching & Therapy) techniques:

  • Anxiety
  • Blushing
  • Confidence
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Public Speaking
  • Stress
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight control

However feel free to contact us regardless of your issue and we will endeavour to resolve your problem in the most convenient way possible.

Introducing a NEW Service

Even if you cannot attend in person we will devise a personal treatment session for you, specific to your needs at a fraction of the cost of the usual session fee

Furthermore if you still need to see us in person the cost of your personal treatment session will be taken into account saving you money on your one to one sessions.

Weight Loss:
Our weight loss mind coach therapy program will help you to lose weight  permanently. Our novel psychological weight loss process aims to have you positively change your relationship with your food. 

Stress/ Fears /Anxiety/ Phobias:
We can help you learn to cope and deal with recurrent stress / fears/ anxiety and phobias by getting you to look at the triggers which affect you and get you to refocus on the positive changes that your new behaviour will bring to your life.

Stop Smoking E.A.S.Y for Good :

Change the way you see yourself and the relationship you have with smoking.  

David X.McAllister , is a mind coach and therapist, utilizing the latest powerful,leading edge total mind coaching and therapy techniques such as:

clinical hypnotherapy, hypnopsychotherapy, NLP and advanced coaching strategies to deliver positive life changing benefits to you , quickly and effectively.

We will help you resolve your issues. Through overcoming any unwanted habits, behaviours or emotions to help you lead a more healthy, fulfilling life.

Our passion for self-development and improvement is reflected through the excellent results he achieves with his clients in his Dublin therapy clinic and worldwide.

For over a decade we have successfully helped hundreds of people for smoking, weight loss, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, phobias, confidence, sexual issues and various other psychological and emotional issues.

Furthermore for over 25 years we have provided a consulting and coaching service to optimise people’s performance in personal and professional development. Managing complex and sensitive issues in a discreet professional manner.

We also provide professional support and advice to the hypnotherapy psychology department in Temple Street Children's University Hospital and also provide a confidential support contact service to the staff and stress management training to both staff and visitors.

David X. McAllister BSc (Hons), ADCHP, MCHPA (hyp)