Stop Smoking


The Eradicate you Addiction to Smoking  for Yourself program will help you become smoke free. Fast.

By deciding to be a non-smoker you are committing to action. You are actively committing to do something different, to change. If you don’t and you simply keep doing what you always did then how can you expect anything but the same results?

Too many smokers try to quit but only do so at a conscious level. This is why they fail.
They find they have “given up” smoking, yet they still crave a cigarette – when they wake up in the morning, when they have that cup of coffee, when they go for a few drinks. It’s a constant fight against temptation and it’s caused by a fundamental flaw.

Of course, there are numerous ways to help you quit smoking – pills, patches, gums,quit telephone lines and self-help books – yet none of these target the unconscious mind. On that surface level, you may have “stopped”, become a quitter; but deep
down at unconscious level – where it REALLY matters – you are still a smoker.

That is why the E.A.S.Y system is different.

It stops you thinking of yourself as a smoker.
Let’s take the part of “You” inside you. It’s that little voice you hear in your own mind – the voice that always wants to tell you that you’re a smoker.

The voice you must fight against and resist. We all know that ignoring it constantly, exhaustingly everyday is the key to success and yet it is also the thing that makes stopping smoking impossibly hard. But what if that voice simply wasn’t there? What if it had been switched off? It didn’t even mention cigarettes or prompt you to think about them.

This is what life is like for non-smokers – deep inside at unconscious level they are simply programmed not to smoke. I can help you achieve this in just one session.
Through the E.A.S.Y process, you can uncap that powerhouse of emotions, memories, feelings and quickly re-program your inner mind. You will no longer smoke. You won’t even want to smoke.

You are a non-smoker. Not controlled. Not needing. Not craving.
No more worrying about having enough cigarettes. No more seeing hard earned cash quite literally go up in smoke:

(the average 20 a day smoker habit = €4000 per year).

No more standing outside, miserable in the freezing cold or pouring rain.

Most of all, improvements to your health will be fast and noticeable.

Your taste and smell will be enhanced within just 48 hours.

Your lung function will improve by up to 30% in just three months.

Your circulation will improve considerably.

Within only one year, your risk of coronary heart disease will be HALF that of someone who smokes.

If you are determined and ready to QUIT contact us now: